Jada Hayes

The Burlingame family remembers a dear Burlingame pup. 12.5 year old Jada Hayes was a loving member of the family. She will be missed.

Todd and Debbie


To all who had the pleasure of owning a Burlingames Foxy Roxy or one of her daughter’s Burlingames Tutzy Rollup pups, I wanted to pass along that after 14 years Roxy is now hunting in heaven. I want to give a big thank you to the Levy family who took such fantastic care of Roxy in her retirement years. Until we meet again in the fields of heaven. RIP Roxy❤️😇

Todd and Debbie



Opie was an 8 1/2 year old male that was a loved family member and companion.

Unfortunately, he lost his battle with cancer. Opie will be missed.

Opie was a puppy from our breeding of Pepper and Brier Tuck.

“Thank you for giving us Opie”

IMG950995 IMG957437

IMG954007 IMG954049

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