Your New Puppy

Food and Water

Your puppy is eating 3 times a day.  The amount of food being fed should increase as your puppy continues to grow.  Provide clean fresh water at every meal and take the water up after they are done feeding until they are housebroken.

Grooming and Handling

One of the nicest things about a Labrador is that they require very little grooming.  Bathe only when necessary.  Brush to remove burrs or other foreign matter and to hasten seasonal shedding.  Keep your dogs free of fleas, ticks, etc.  Ask your vet about proper precautions and treatment.

Familiarize your dog to being handled and examined.  Look in their mouth and keep its ears clean with a warm moistened cotton ball.  Run your hands over their body periodically.  All these things will make your pup easier for your vet to examine and treat.  This will also help you detect any problems early.  If you plan to show your dog, this is good preparation for the Judge’s examination. 

Never pick up your pup by the front legs, as this will cause injuries and incorrect growth.  Instead, support them with both hands, one under the chest and the other under the rump.

Training and Discipline

Don’t play rough with your puppy.  They will learn bad habits such as jumping and biting which is cute as puppies but remember they will weigh 60-90 pounds as adults. 

Don’t let them get away with anything as a puppy that you don’t want them to do as an adult dog. 

For discipline, use the word “NO” in a stern voice.  Labradors are eager to please and verbal reprimand is usually enough. 

For biting, chewing or barking, hold the muzzle while saying “NO”. 

Don’t strike the pup with your hand, you will only teach them to fear your hand and make all future training harder. 

The most important thing to remember is to follow any correction with praise (NO! – and then they stop, Good Dog!) pet them, praise  

House Training

Details to follow….

Greeting at the door training

Details to follow….

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